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Now, if you wanted to get this job done before using Thinkster...

It would cost you at least $125 - $150 per month for Kumon. Then, add another $600 per month to hire a private tutor for daily monitoring, grading, feedback, private 1:1 tutoring sessions, high-quality curriculum… and many other features. A total that’s well over $725 per month!

Thinkster averages $100-$150 a month to get all of these things for grades K-8. We’re almost a fifth of the cost that you would pay for the above services if you went to someone else.

Here’s All the Incredible Value You Get When You Sign-up With Thinkster!


Your Child Starts by Taking a Skills Assessment ($50 value)


You Get a detailed Diagnostic Report which will Give You Insights & Understand Connections to Real World Problems ($50 value)


Attend A Session Or Call With An Academic Advisor To Learn About Best Practices For Success


Next - Meet With Your Dedicated Elite Math Tutor/Coach ($150 value)


Your dedicated coach will provide your child with a Personalized Study Plan


Your Child will get unlimited access to hyper-personalized And Custom Curated Math Worksheets Tailored To their Learning Needs By their Dedicated Tutor ($20 value)


These Worksheets assigned to your child are Based On a World-Class Curriculum to develop your child’s critical thinking and logical reasoning skills and provide a strong foundation in Math. These math worksheets will include -

  • Computational, Analytical, Critical Thinking, And Logical Reasoning Problems
  • Multiple Learning Strategy Videos For Each Math Worksheet that Makes Learning Math Easy

($150 value)


You Also Have Ability to Request Custom Playlists and having desired math worksheets to align with any specific school work and tests ($20 value)


Your child will get timely Assistance With Built-in Video Tutorials With Every Practice Worksheet To Minimize Frustration At The Point Of Learning ($20 value)


Your elite dedicated tutor will provide daily monitoring, grading and feedback on every worksheet that your child completes daily. ($120 value)


Our Groundbreaking AI And Our Patent-pending Active Replay Technology Helps Our Tutors To Hyper-personalize Your Child’s Learning And Guarantees Improved Performance ($25 value)


Wait...You Also Get Weekly 1:1 Tutoring Private Tutoring Sessions! ($100 value)


Plus Homework, Test Prep Help During Tutoring Sessions ($20 value)


You Get a Weekly Progress Report, Sent Via Email, From Your Child’s Dedicated Tutor ($5 value)


You Get a dynamically changing Mastery Progress Matrix To Help You Track Your Child’s Mastery of Topics & Concepts and How Much Their Learning is Getting Accelerated ($10 value)


Get a Parent Insights App To Monitor Your Child’s Performance And Progress Daily ($10 value)


Your Child Gets a Leaderboard To Have Friendly Competition With Other Students ($5 value)


Plus they get Monthly Reward Gift Cards, upto $5 each month, To Target, Amazon, Walmart, and More ($5 value)


We also offer Gold, Silver, or Bronze Medals To Your Child To motivate them, help them stay Engaged, And Keep Up Their Hard Work ($5 value)


You no longer need to commute! Your child will have convenient Access to our tutors and our program On Computers, Laptops, And Tablets. ($25 value)


You get to set recurring 30 Day Objectives, to Ensure that your child and your tutor are working to meet Month On Month Objectives. Everything we do is tracked to guarantee success for your child ($10 value)


And not the least - you have Man & Machine working to Accelerate Learning For Your Child. You Get The Power Of AI Machines With The Intelligence Of Humans ($25 value)


Get The Performance Guarantee - Or Your Money Back!

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