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I started noticing that my son Deakon was having trouble with math. When he was in the 5th grade his state testing said he was below average for his grade level. Having gone through the state educational system I knew that if we did not get a handle on the problem soon it would be too late. Deakon excelled at many other parts of his curriculum and I wanted him to find that success in math. I also knew that the reason he was successful in other subjects was because he enjoyed them, Deakon was not enjoying math. I had to find help for him. We live in rural area so I knew that leveraging technology in order to solve this problem would be best. I considered free online courses. I had doubt about the free route because Deakon needed accountability. I also considered after school programs but they were logistically difficult. During my search I came across Thinkster Math. It seemed to have everything he needed (accountability, supervision and easy accessibility). Deakon has been doing Thinkster Math for around 5 months. He absolutely loves it. The ease of accessibility means there is no reason to avoid doing work. The system is also set up to encourage every effort. I especially like, and I think he does too, the sound that is made when he gets a problem correct. Deakon's tutor, Erica, is fantastic. She encourages and inspires him to do his best. The short time they spend together is effective and gives my son something strive for. I am very pleased with Thinkster Math and cannot wait to see the positive effect it will have on my son’s future.

Kenneth T.
Hawaii, US

We have had excellent tutoring from Tabtor/Thinkster. We recommend it as often as we can to fellow home-schoolers, as well as traditional students!

Dyan Y.
Michigan, US

Thinkster has been so amazing. The focus is on math but our son has improved in all subjects because he has gained so much confidence from figuring out how to study properly. It’s also so convenient to do the worksheets on an ipad at home and to do the tutoring sessions on our own time rather than the store hours of a tutoring place like Kumon.

Michelle K.
Washington, US

Our child had become increasingly frustrated by the rote method employed by Kumon to build confidence. After looking for alternatives to Kumon Math instruction I came across Tabtor since renamed as Thinkster Math. We gave Thinkster a try and her enjoyment of math, and progress, returned.

I think it is important to acknowledge that with both Thinkster and Kumon, progress is somewhat dependent upon the individual math coach. That said, the Thinkster system requires the coach to review and provide comment on each unit completed by our child. Further, the weekly coaching sessions are an actual coaching experience, not just time spent in a coaching center where the coaches are proctoring a study session.

Thinkster has some things we did not find in other K-6 programs, the inclusion of word problems as part of the curriculum, a review system in which confidence is built by periodically returning to an area of study to refresh and reaffirm mastery rather than drilling to boredom, a progress dashboard that facilitates a much better conversation between parent and child about progress and goals.

The level of visibility into our daughter’s progress via the weekly updates has made it significantly easier to stay on top of her progress as well as provide performance metrics we can discuss with her without emotion or drama.

Steven G.
California, US

Dissatisfied with the maths at our daughter’s school, we looked around at various tutoring programme and apps to get her the math skills we felt she needed. We chose Tabtor as we can do it any time, any place and I don’t have to grade any worksheets. Skyping with her tutor fortnightly gives us the extra support we need- another person to cheer her on if she is feeling stuck. She had her first NAPLAN test this year, after 3 years of tabtor- her scores were off the charts. BTW, we have had the same tutor throughout this whole time which has given a wonderful stability to the process.

Karah W.
Ashton, AU

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