The Role of the Thinkster Coach

The coach will design and customize a learning plan based on your child’s learning needs and goals. All assignments from the learning plan will be monitored daily, and the coach will provide feedback and corrections on the work. The coach will adjust the learning plan based on your child’s performance. If there is something that your child is learning in school or if they have an upcoming test, you can let the Thinkster coach know and we can add those topics into the learning plan for supplementation.

With the Gold and Platinum plans, the coach will hold one-on-one whiteboard tutoring sessions with your child. This is a time to review tricky concepts and questions from the Thinkster assignments, preview upcoming topics, or help with school homework or test prep.

In the Silver plan, the coach will not have any one-on-one sessions with your child. Instead, the coach will speak with you once every two weeks regarding the learning plan and any updates on your child’s learning goals.

Think of the Thinkster coach as a private tutor that uses data, technology, and a structured curriculum to learn more efficiently!