How to Follow Your Child’s Learning Progress

Following progress and performance on Thinkster Math is easy, and there are many different ways to track your child’s learning improvements.

On the iPad app or Student Web App, you can click on the ‘Progress’ button to view your child’s dynamic Progress Matrix. This is a chart of all the topics and concepts your child will show mastery in for each grade level. After any unit test or Skills Assessment, you will see visual changes on the matrix to represent your child’s proficiency level.

Your child’s Thinkster coach will also email a weekly report to share insight on your child’s worksheet submissions and feedback.

Be sure to download the Thinkster Math Parent App. Use this app daily to track your child’s math activity and feedback from your child’s dedicated tutor. Compare your child’s performance to all other students including topics and number of assignments completed, time taken, accuracy, reward points won and gift cards received!

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