How Thinkster Math Works

What does a typical week look like for your child? Learn more about how Thinkster Math works!

Thinkster Math App: Compatible Devices

Learn more about the different devices that the Thinkster Math app is compatible with.

Thinkster Math Student Web App Features

Learn more about the features of our Student Web App and how to navigate the app.

Understanding Your Child’s Progress

Following progress and performance on our math tutoring program is easy, and there are many different ways to track your child’s learning improvements – on the student app, through email reports, and with our Thinkster Parent App.

Why Thinkster Math Works!

Learn more on how our features and curriculum create a customized experience that delivers impactful learning improvements based on your child’s learning style and goals!

Learning Improvements – Less than 3 months!

Students who follow the recommended goals set by the coach will see learning improvements in less than three months. We are very transparent when it comes to your child’s learning progress!

Recommended Time Spent on Assignments per Day

We recommend students complete 5-10 assignments per week, about 1-2 per day. Your child’s Thinkster Math coach will also make special recommendations depending on your goals.

The Role of the Thinkster Coach

The Thinkster Math coach is your child’s personal online math tutor. They will design and customize a learning plan based on your child’s learning needs and goals. The coach will adjust the learning plan based on your child’s performance.

Your Child Can Improve Their Math Scores By 90% Within 3 months!

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