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Discover the only math program on the planet that offers a dedicated elite tutor to coach your child with Private 1:1 Tutoring, daily grading and feedback.
World-class curriculum with critical thinking, logical reasoning and word problems.

See Below Actual Case Studies of Students Showing Incredible Performance Improvement with the Seven-Step Thinkster Method

“Thinkster Math did it in 1 year what Kumon could not do in 3 years!” Tanu S, Parent, CT

Before Suhani, a Thinkster from Connecticut, initially earned a Score of 485 (Stage 2) in the Math section of the Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT).

After In less than a year after signing up for Thinkster Math, his Score jumped to 547 (Stage 4).

“My daughter went from 'bombing math' and being in “danger zone” to showing growth that was 80% above her state peers after using Thinkster.” Lisa Germann, Parent, CO

Before This Thinkster initially received an RIT score of 210 in the math section of the MAP test.

After Within a year, she became a math rockstar in her class and school and managed to bump up her RIT score by 10 points.

"It’s amazing what a year of Thinkster can do! Her teacher told me it’s the first time she saw any of her students score higher than a fifth grader! We are doing something right!” Parent of Alyssa, Grade 2

Thinkster Alyssa, a second grader actually showed performance at the 5th grade level in the STAR Math Assessment, just a year after she started doing Thinkster Math!

"Before starting Thinkster, Kiara was falling behind in Math, but these days she tackles complex word problems and has built strong calculation skills which have led her to achieve the highest band in the Australian Naplan National Test.” Clem, Father of Kiara, Australia

Kiara and her sister used to do Kumon in Australia before joining Thinkster five years ago! They were our first few customers “down under”, but their performance in math has been amazing and worth of rock-star status!

“...Thanks to his tutor and Thinkster, Soham has scored 86% in his state level and one of the highest in his campus…” Neeti S, Mom, of Soham, TX

The figure on the right shows Soham perform at Master’s Grade Level in Texas Assessment in Math after using Thinkster.

"Thinkster Math helped Suprav in building more confidence in math by identifying his strong and weak areas and working on them gradually to advance Suprav beyond his grade level which helped him achieve top scores no only in his class but also in his MAP tests” Mom of Suprav, North Carolina

Suprav scored in the 97th-99th percentile in the North Carolina MAP test within a year after using Thinkster.

Figure on left showing Thinkster student Georgia’s score of 93% in the International MAP Math test. Georgia has been a Thinkster student for 2 years and in that time her MAP results have increased over 20%.

Literally, Off The Charts Performance!! Camille’s performance in the national NAPLAN test was literally off the charts! Camille’s parents chose Thinkster over Kumon several years back because of the convenience of not having to travel to a learning center. Per her parents, “Camille’s got a full extracurricular schedule and we didn’t want to drive her to yet another place, and we didn’t want to grade her worksheets. She is also able to do Thinkster easily while we travel.”

Literally, Off The Charts Performance!! Kaydee’s performance in the national NAPLAN test was literally off the charts! She is currently working on math that is almost 2 years ahead of her grade level. She used to do Kumon and has now being doing Thinkster for the last several years. We are looking forward to hearing more about Kaydee’s future successes.


"Carys is a hard worker and takes school very seriously. She strives to be the best in everything she does. Carys was the only 4th grade girl in her school to obtain National Honorable Mention for the Noetic Learning Math Contest. We are very proud of her!" Mother of Carys

Carys from Connecticut received the highest score possible in the SBAC! According to SBAC, students performing at this standard are demonstrating advanced progress towards master of mathematics knowledge and skills.

Adrian, on the left, did amazingly well in the 5th grade NAPLAN National Test scoring in the highest possible band. He has been with Thinkster for several years!

Case Study Jenny McBrayer, Mom of two boys

  • They had done Kumon and private tutoring in the past.
  • Her younger son started having some struggles in the classroom and parents wanted to help him succeed in the classroom, keep up with his peers, and increase his confidence level with his math skills. Her son was getting so frustrated that they were getting reports from school teachers that he was flat-out refusing to continue to do his work.
  • Their family has a pretty busy schedule and her husband travels for work.
  • They evaluated other programs like Kumon and had worked with one-on-one tutors as well. The boys did not enjoy this at all. There was no engagement or interactions
  • After joining Thinkster, their son now really enjoys doing Math. He has a great relationship with his tutor. He did amazingly well in his school and state benchmark assessment and his scores were outstanding. Jenny’s son now feels more confident about Math.
  • Jenny likes the specific and daily feedback from her Thinkster tutor. She really likes that they get to be “in-the-know” of whatever is happening daily with their son’s math learning. She loves the interface and the ease of using Thinkster.

Jenny McBrayer - Parent Quote

“We got some really good news recently - when my son got his benchmark assessment, he scored out of the park. His teacher even pulled him out of line when she saw his score and whispered in his ear how well he had done. And he was so proud when he got in the car that day. I can say that Adam continuing to work with Thinkster and work on his math skills has improved his confidence and his willingness to even work at math, an area where he had struggled before joining Thinkster.

And more than anything, I just love seeing him be so excited about how he performed. It's a joy. I'm telling you, honestly, to see kids find themselves and the confidence they build because that's a lifelong thing”

Case Study Lisa Germann, Mom of three kids, Colorado

  • They started searching for a math tutoring program in the summer of 2019. They had homeschooled their kids the prior year because they were traveling.
  • They noticed that their now fifth grader lacked basic computational knowledge. She was struggling with fractions, decimals, and she didn't know her multiplication tables. Their third grader, now fourth grader, was good in math, but they wanted him to keep pulling ahead and stay advanced.
  • Lisa wanted their middle daughter (in sixth grade) to get caught up and be competent and wanted her to be able to accelerate next year. They wanted all of their kids’ state-wide test scores to be competitive and started to look for tutoring options.
  • They looked at Kaplan, but did not want to have to travel to tutoring sessions. Traveling was time consuming and complicated to manage because of the family’s busy schedule.
  • They also tried Komodo, which is online, but they felt like it was too much like a game and didn't see a measurable impact on their kids’ MAP test scores.
  • They needed something that was a little more structured and something that was customizable and focused for their kids.
  • Their kids’ school report cards always looked okay, so they thought their kids were doing well. But when they got their MAP state test scores, the kids were bombing in math.
  • They joined Thinkster and started seeing phenomenal improvements and growth with their MAP scores. Their middle daughter’s growth was 80% above that of their peers.
  • Their oldest daughter (in sixth grade) is doing outstandingly well in Math after joining Thinkster and is on a trajectory to be accelerated to the intermediate gifted math group next year.
  • Their son is good in math and computationally strong, but needed to get better in solving real life word problems. His MAP scores are good now.
  • After joining Thinkster, Lisa and her husband now never hear their kids say that they hate math or that math is hard. Because the kids had knowledge gaps when they were homeschooled, they used to think Math was hard and challenging. There were many tears. Now, after being with Thinkster, they're doing extremely well. They're succeeding, and their confidence and scores are both boosted.

Lisa Germann, Parent Quote

“We are in love with Thinkster because it has made our kids competitive in terms of their state testing. Thinkster has made our kids perform competitively with their peers. It has also given them a lot of confidence in their abilities as math students. Especially with girls and STEM, I think it's really important for my two girls who are doing the program to feel confident, to feel like they can do what's asked of them in school and what's asked of them on the testing. It's also very easy for parents as it doesn't require us to drive the kids to any tutoring center.

Having a dedicated personal tutor is also great and she manages the progress of my kids. It’s really easy, and me and my husband really like the Parent App. My husband reviews our kids’ work and makes sure that they're spending the amount of time that they need to be spending and devoting a level of attention to it. That's really all he has to do is to look at the Parent App every night and say, ‘Yeah, okay - you spend the right amount of time, you know, because of the time suggested for the worksheet. Good job’. And if my kids didn't do that, then the next day, he'll say, ‘Okay, well, since they did 10 minutes shorter the previous day, they have to do 40 minutes today’ and so forth. We want our kids to do Thinkster for 30 minutes each day and it really has helped.”

Case Study Natalia Woehl, Mom of four kids

All of her children have been Montessori trained in primary and elementary school and then mostly attended private schools. Once out of the Montessori school system, because it was really expensive for four kids, their family decided that they needed to keep the pace that they were doing with math. So, they started looking for a good math tutoring program. They tried different programs for four or five years with their kids, but they still weren’t happy. They did not want a program that helped only with memorizing concepts, but wanted one that had more word problems and would make their kids think.

And that's one of the things that they like about Thinkster. They really liked the trial experience and the word problems the curriculum has. Natalia wanted her kids to

actually sit down, read a problem and really think through it. Her kids were not great at it and Thinkster really allowed them to be able to acquire this skill.

Their middle child, Leonardo, is doing really well in school. Their other son, Sebastian, is ahead of his peers in school. The things that he has mastered in Thinkster are really helping with his school work. Both Leonardo’s and Sebastian’s MAP test scores are going up every single school year with Thinkster’s help. Their twin girls are in first grade and like math. :-)

Fun fact – their family doubles all the rewards cash they get and spend it on a quarterly basis!

Natalia Woehl, Mom of four kids

"I have 4 kids using Thinkster for the last 3 months-All of my kids are progressing really well. I like the curriculum, I find that there is plenty of practice and analytical thinking with word problems not just route memorization. I also love our tutor - Sabrina is great, she is engaging and is definitely challenging my kiddos."

Used By Thousands Of Students From 30+ Countries

165+ Customer Reviews
Average Rating of 9.2/10

"Thinkster Math has been so amazing. The focus is on math but our son has improved in all subjects because he has gained so much confidence from figuring out how to study properly. It’s also so convenient to do the worksheets on an iPad at home and to do the tutoring sessions on our own time rather than the store hours of a tutoring place like Kumon." Michelle K. Seattle, WA

"Thinkster Math are great for the kids who wants to take math challenges. They are not like other math classes which work on their own pattern. If kids are doing well and taking higher level challenges Thinkster Math is the first choice. Coaches are really good and detail oriented. Happy to enroll my kid here." Anshika J. Irvine, CA

"A fantastic, customized tutoring program that doesn’t require driving to a center. Our tutor is communicative and responsive and always adjusting their assignments. Expensive but seeing good results. Three kids using, would highly recommend. Wish it went through high school!" Lisa G. Conifer, CO

"Fantastic. Having regular Skype calls with the tutor works really well. We are able to discuss what is being learnt at school and she puts in appropriate worksheets for further practice. Feedback and marking is very quick and queries resolved very quickly." Jacqueline S. London, England

"We have found the program incredibly beneficial for our two children. Both have been able to move forward considerably within their cohort under Caroline's tutelage. Caroline is a very good tutor. She has a great rapport with the kids and is always very positive.

The kids trust her to assist them. She is very responsive to any messages I send via Skype and I appreciate all her efforts. There have been some glitches with technical issues but I feel these have been resolved well and without fuss. We are very happy to continue." Elissa T. NSW, Australia

"We move about once a year, and this helps our child stay fresh in math and not get behind. We have also used it in conjunction with homeschooling and it has been an amazing supplement.

I love the feedback and contact with the teacher, and the videos that accompany most worksheets help my child feel self reliant and she knows how to get help on her own thru the app." Ashley A. Salt Lake City, UT

"Thinkster Math has been an excellent addition to my children's education. Everyone is professional, prompt and genuinely cares about students getting the most of their experience.

Our tutor Erica is wonderful - she customizes her approach and assignments based on my kids' two personalities. She's a great motivator, but also holds them accountable. I would highly recommend Thinkster Math." Liz F. Park City, UT

"Thinkster Math is a good option for my daughter to stay ahead and practice Math. It is much better than other options because it offers teaching guidance and support rather than just constant practice with 100s of worksheets with no foundational teaching.

I would ask Thinkster Math to add high school level math as well so the more advanced kids can work at an advanced pace." Divya M. Richmond, IN

"I am a huge fan of Thinkster Math having used it for several years. The topics are covered thoroughly, ensuring that my children really understand the concepts and have ample opportunities to practice.

If your child is particularly interested in a certain area of maths, or if you want your child to focus on one topic for a while to support them with their maths at school, then their tutor will accommodate that.

Both my children were recently moved into higher ability maths groups at school due to their regular (daily) practice on Thinkster. The app has improved not only their understanding of maths, but also their general confidence in tackling and solving new problems.

Thinkster Math is not a game, and there will be times your child won't want to do it. But I treat it as a normal part of their homework schedule, and we set our own targets and reward scheme at home to motivate them.

The tutor my children have is very responsive to their progress and adapts their curriculum effectively. We're in touch regularly via email so I can give feedback on where my children are struggling and need extra practice. I also receive weekly reports on how much they are using Thinkster Math.

My only criticism is that the system can be glitchy at times (both the Thinkster Math app and the Parent support app). But you can contact the tech support team directly and problems are resolved relatively quickly.

Overall I highly recommend Thinkster Math if you're looking for a maths app which is easy to use, motivating, visual and interactive, adapts to your child's abilities automatically, and will most definitely improve their understanding of and enthusiasm for maths." Gemma S. St. Helens, England

"We found Thinkster Math while searching for alternatives to Kumon (the nearest center for us is over 40 minutes away and is too far). Since our 7 y.o. is already being taught on 'paper' in school we felt that having an online program would offer variety.

The option to download worksheets was also a huge PLUS! Before I continue I will have to share early on that the best way to access the Thinkster Math worksheets is on an iPad. We started at first via desktop (Mac) and tried an android tablet first, but we accepted that getting an iPad was a worthy investment in addition to the Thinkster Math program.

We appreciate being assigned a tutor who could document and review progress and reassign worksheets as necessary. We work with her every week, 15mins/session and are currently on the Gold plan. We have direct communication with the tutor as far as which areas we feel our son needs more help on, and it is also extremely reassuring that we can share with the tutor our son's progress and the feedback we get from his school. Our son's homeroom teacher and his interventionist agree that since our son started Thinkster that he has gained a better grasp of Math concepts and that bridging the gaps in his knowledge has gotten easier.

The challenge for us as parents was to be even more involved with how our son was being taught in school as we noticed that Thinkster Math had some verbiage which was different or not being used in our son's school.

It has also been challenging to acknowledge that our son does struggle in certain areas, and that it does take time for some concepts to really be understood, AND that the expectations for his grade level are far more than what we remember from our days as grade schoolers.

If your child is still struggling with reading, or is not yet a very capable reader, it may be challenging to see him or her go through predominantly word problems.

While the Thinkster program was designed to encourage independence etc, I would not advise leaving your child to his or her own device (literally) all the time. Our input as parents is very important and our tutor appreciates all the input we provide her, in fact it assures the tutor how invested the parent really is when the parents get to know their child's learning patterns/behaviors/strengths and weaknesses.

For as long we can, we will continue to supplement our son's Math learning with Thinkster Math. Thanks Thinkster!!" Noelani P. Coryell, TX

"This has been a great program for my son. He has gone from a D to a B and he is still improving. He is much more willing to do problems on the iPad than on paper, and the live coaching has helped him in the areas where he is struggling. I highly recommend Thinkster Math!" Chad D. Carson City, NV

Intrigued? Want to See Your Child Get These Remarkable & Impressive Outcomes?

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  • Without Thinkster I believe she would be below grade level

    Catherine B.

    Mother of Catelin, Grade 5
    Enrolled since 2015

    After starting Thinkster, Catelin earned distinguished marks in math on the KPrep test, placing in the top 95% of her school.

  • Carys was the only 4th grade girl in her school to obtain National Honorable Mention

    Christal A.

    Mother of Carys, Grade 3
    Enrolled since 2014

    Carys exceeded the achievement standard expected for her grade level in SBAC test and also obtained National Honorable Mention in Noetic Learning Math Contest.

  • It’s amazing what a year of Thinkster can do!

    Vi C.

    Mother of Alyssa, Grade 1
    Enrolled since 2015

    Alyssa scored higher than a 5th grader on her Star math test and obtained 100% on 2nd grade common assessment test.

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